Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Southern Holiday!

In the south we have an interesting tradition. It is a "floating" holiday of sorts. Once (sometimes, twice) a year everything comes to a halt, and families and neighbors spend the day playing together. No one knows exactly what day of the year it will fall on, but typically it is some time in January or February. It is our "Snow Day". We spend all winter anticipating its arrival- sometimes doubting it will ever come. Finally, the weather man sends out the alarm. Dutiful southerners repeat the prediction over and over again to help secure it's fulfillment and race out to buy bread and milk. Then we go home and wait.
The holiday is official once the first flake falls from the sky.
Schools are canceled, businesses closed, and all meetings postponed.
From snow

My family has a favorite sledding hill that we go to every year. Last year the snow was slushy and it even started to rain, but we went anyways. Traditions are traditions...but, thankfully, we had better luck this year. The snow was the perfect blend of powder and ice to make for glorious sledding conditions, and the beautiful March sky was bright blue and sunny.

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Although the beginning of the day was a little stressful, trying to find enough warm clothes to cover my four children- it was a lot of fun. (Fortunately, all of our make-shift mittens and boots held out until after we were done sledding, and no one suffered from frost bite.)
Now we can all look forward to the beginning of Spring. I think it starts tomorrow.

From snow


  1. Oh, that really is my favorite holiday!! I remember when H. wore the snow suit E. has on, awww how they grow. I'm glad you guys are doing well, I'd love to come down again, but to be honest some days I just can't even think about making one more trip anywhere even if I want to. Hugs and kisses to all!

  2. grrr. Blogger ate two of my comments!

    Great pictures (as always)! Love the one of our two oldest girls... and of your #3. She was so cute out there!

    Thank you for the push that I needed to get my kids in the car and down those hills!