Sunday, February 8, 2009

"A Day in the Life of a Town"

The Photo Archive Project is a volunteer effort to document a local town and its people through photography, on specific days in fall, winter, spring and summer. The project, supported by the city and operated by through our local arts Center , is open to anyone interested in photography. Check with your local art center to join the fun.

Today is February 8th, and it's the big day for the winter shoot.

Daddy getting his girl ready for church.

Today was a pretty busy day, but I did manage to get some shots of the after church lunch crowd. These were taken at a cute little deli.

A favorite after church spot...

From Drop Box

Can't leave without a gumball.

From Drop Box

I am somewhat of a beginner photographer. So, it was a lot of fun to participate in such a neat project. Hats off to the Arts Center for sponsoring this great project!!!

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  1. Oh I love the gum ball one especially!!! I got my camera out this weekend too and enjoyed the nice wonderful weather!
    Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to post. Off to read more of yours!!!