Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Details of a Lovely Life

Vintage yellow buttons, embellished with bright red cherries, dot the front of my pinstriped blouse. They are whimsical little details that whisper the memory of the creative spirit that found delight in them. The blouse is a piece from a summer line designed by my sister, Amy Rigg. It typifies her art, beauty with a hint of whimsy and… an element that made it more than a piece of clothing. It was the details that Amy added that gave each piece a soul.

Amy was captivated by details. She found pleasure in their subtle loveliness. She could delight at the shape of a button, the feel of a fabric, an image from a dream, or a small thought voiced from one of her children. From wrapping paper to wedding dresses, Amy added the details that made them magical.

As many of you know, her life ended far too early. Three years ago today, my sister, Amy, died of cancer. The details of that day still flash through my mind, and I try to find the beauty in them. When I can’t, I walk further in. Deeper in time, I find the details of a lovely life- her laughter, the color she painted a wall, the pleasure of fresh corn eaten together on a porch overlooking the sea, the things that irritated her, the way she wore her blush, the pet names she called her kids- and today, I pause again to find the pleasure in them.

Oh, Lord, as time passes, please secure these memories in my mind. Help me not to forget the small moments that tie me to Amy now. As I am here and she is not, I ask you to hold her close. Open the universe of beauty, to her, that you have created for her to delight in, and give me peace as I continue to trust her into your hands. Amen


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your sister. Thank you for sharing a piece of her with us.

  2. May Amy,
    and all the souls of the faithful departed,
    in the mercy of God rest in peace.