Monday, May 11, 2009

Break a few eggs

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It's been a long time since my last blog, and I've missed writing.  I've written a post many times in my head, but haven't made it to the computer.  I blame it all on the TV.  We got the new digital converter and a slightly better antenna, and now I'm drawn to that flickering light like a moth on a hot summer night.  EEk- how quickly, I surrender my time over to twaddle.  Oh, well- at least now I could tell you what happened on American Idle last night.  That's a real achievement (tongue in cheek).
Anyways, I took these sweet pictures a week or so ago of my littlest one.  All my kids love helping in the kitchen as, I suppose, most kids do.    Creating something wonderful and spending time with mommy ...  that's a magical combination for the knee-huggers of this world!
The highlight of baking is always breaking the eggs.  It's an exciting job- a grown-up job.  And without the encouragement from another mom, I would never  have let my preschoolers do such a thing.  It's just far too messy.  But when my older two where in preschool, a mother at M.O.P.S.  shared about the fun she had with her kids in the kitchen.  She suggested giving our little ones a small bowl to break the eggs into and letting them do all the cracking.  (You can easily pick out any stray shells before you add it to your recipe.)  I took the advice to heart and ten years later- my little ones are still crackin' up over baking.
It is a small reminder to me to slow down.  The delight it gives my 3 and 5 year old to crack an egg- far out weighs the convenience of cracking them myself.  With a little patience, I can turn a task to finish... into a moment to remember.   
Happy mothering to you all today!


  1. oh, she's getting so big! and i can't wait to have mattie crack eggs for me :o)

  2. glad to see you blogging again. thanks for the insight.

  3. Yeah! I have missed your posts. Happy mother's day to you, I miss you! Hope that you are all doing well. I have been doing better, which I am so greatful for. Thinking of you all!!

  4. I've missed your posting too. Shoot the tv. Grab the camera. Write.
    Hope to see you soon.