Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth!


I once knew someone who was a professional juggler.  I mean he made money, decent money, juggling things.  He juggled balls, pins, flames, etc, and he made a lot of money doing it.  That always seemed odd to me.  It was odd to me that someone could be good at such an insignificant thing, and make enough money to feed his family.
However, I might judge the juggling career a bit more favorably these days.  I’ve come to appreciate the skill that it requires of an individual to know at what exact moment to release one ball and catch another, how many balls are too much, and when to add a flaming torch or two.
Motherhood is all about juggling- babies and groceries and sleepovers and art lessons and homeschooling and sanity and … (the list goes on, but you probably already know it).   And that’s the problem.  I want to focus on just one ball at a time, but when I do, the flaming torches start hitting the floor. (Or worse, they end up in the hands of my three and four year olds!) 
We have to balance our children’s emotional needs with their physical needs.  It’s important to forget the laundry from time to time to read to our little ones.   On the other end of the spectrum, how emotionally healthy can a kid be when they have to go the grocery store in feety pajamas because everything else is dirty?  These are important questions for those of us in the juggling profession.
Tonight my bag of tricks is looking quite small, and my audience it growing increasingly more restless.  So, I will take a deep breath and remember… juggling is the occupation of clowns.  I don’t need to hang my head when I see the chaos around me; that’s the fun of working in the circus!  It’s crazy and active and there are three rings at once!  It’s a time to laugh, and who cares if a few balls drop here and there.  The circus only comes to town for a short season, and I want to enjoy the show!

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  1. I love Simple Mom!

    We should start our own site called "Crazy Homeschooling Juggling Moms Who Sometimes Want to Run Away and Join the Circus."