Sunday, February 21, 2010

We like to Party!!

I hate mornings, but somehow they are made infinitely better with some dance tunes. We like to listen to the Vengaboys station or the "We Like to Party" station on Pandora. (I can't vouch for the lyrics. It's not exactly Raffi or the Donut Man, but "it's got a good beat, and we can dance to it.") On our good mornings, my dear husband, who is a morning person, cranks it up and dances us all out of bed.
David (of the Bible) was a dancer. His love for Yahweh spilled over from his heart down to his feet. Every part of his body united to scream out the joy that was erupting from within.
Today the sun is out and I feel the vibrations of joy within. So I want to pause and give credit to the creator of the sun, the painter of the blue sky, Lord Jesus.
"You rock, King Jesus! You are the Lord of my dance!!" amen


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